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Our first goal with eCFulfill is to send products from our sellers to Amazon once a month. We started with 3 boxes last May 2018. It was already an achievement for us.

After 4 months, we are now sending products weekly. Our latest shipment is 7 boxes with total weight of more than 100 kgs.

eCFulfill proudly announce the growth of our consignment, consolidation & cross-border shipment by:


Consolidation of cargo & shipment begins by end of October. For inquiries, send us an email to

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In January 2018, eCFulfill had its first workshop which marked the beginning of their journey. From its original idea of providing fulfillment solutions, eCFufill has evolved into a technology solution with a full suite of services for an easy and smart e-commerce experience, even for the non tech-savvy entrepreneur.
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